A Registered Nurse will monitor a dashboard feature that displays patient vital signs and parameters set forth by a physician for a remote patient. Any anomaly will trigger a call from the nurse to the patient to begin determining the cause and appropriate medical response.  

RN Answering Service

You will have a team of Registered Nurses ready to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and clear information to your patients and caregivers following tele-triage protocols.

Skilled Nursing Triage

Each patient and situation are different. Variables such as age, medication profile, medical history, physical location and patient cognition can influence the proper course of action that is in the best interest of the patient. It requires a trained professional to fully assess the situation and talk the patient/caregiver through resolution or recommend seeking direction to the appropriate level. This means focused care, when and where it is needed.  

RN Follow-up

The nurse will make a follow-up call to ensure appropriate level of care has made contact with the patient. 

CliniCALL Consulting

Our team will work with the agency to ensure quality documentation, workflow efficiencies, and assist with outcomes. Our consultants support all agency departments in need of clinical collaboration. 

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